segunda-feira, 14 de Outubro de 2013

How to Rock: Pencil Skirt part II

T-shirt: Oysho
Skirt: Zara
Heels: River Island
Necklaces: Vintage, Pedra Dura
Rings: Zara

Hello again. Part two of How To Rock is actually way easier to put together and to pull off.

  • This, unlike yesterday´s look, you can be any hight to wear. 
  • Choose a pair of heels that will elongate your leg (that means no ankle straps). Preferably one that has a very high heel.
  • Since you are already pretty covered up on the bottom half of your body, you can give it a tasteful crop on the top by only showing a little stomach. 
  • To balance the dressy look , with the skirt and heels, I paired them with a simple grey t-shit that makes it cooler and more relaxed. If you decide to go bold on top too, you might end up looking too uptight and older.
  • In this case I wore tiny tiny jewelry, my favorite kind, but can really go either way ( I suggest ear cuffs).

In case you are wondering what that tiny little screw means, its one of my favorite necklaces that I wear everyday. I am an art student majoring in metal sculpting, so there you go. 

domingo, 13 de Outubro de 2013

How to Rock: Pencil Skirt part I

Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Necklaces: Vintage and Pedra Dura

I feel like I´ve probably disappointed my readers this past few months by not posting anything. I´d personally like to apologize to each and every one of you: sorry grandma and aunt Rita. I´ll try to do better.

Moving on. 

I created a new segment called How To Rock and guess what it is about? Exactly. A weekly, or lets call it monthly, or better yet, unscheduled lesson on how to rock stuff you´re not quiet sure you can pull off. 

Today I choose the pencil skirt. Why? Because if you´re a teen or a twenty-something girl you probably don´t quite know how to deal with that length in order to make it appealing. Well, I am giving you two options: today´s is how to look kinda cool, laid back with a slight touch of hipsterness. WARNING: this look, even though its my favorite of the two, it´s not sexy or appealing to any guy. ever. So beware that you will only visually please girls.

In all honesty I don´t think this is an easy look to pull off if you´re not at least kind of tall (that´s tomorrows look, part II), because the skirt it self already tends to shorten your leg length by cutting it in half, the flat shoe will only accentuate that . Also, sneakers are awesome, and as we came to learn in past seasons, you can stop suffering in your heels and get right on to the flat wonderland, because it is here and it is staying. You can pair them with almost anything, if you find the right ones for you (This ones I got in the beginning of this year, in Dubai). As for the top I went with a Balmain inspired sweater, that kinda looks like a comforter. Its one of my favorite pieces for this season. But you can wear this with mostly any kind of top and make it your own. It should just probably not be too large tough, so it has some balance. 

I hope this was useful in anyway, if you have any suggestions (dad) for new posts on How To Rock let me know. 

Ps. By the way I am moving to Turin, Italy next week for six months, to do the Erasmus program, so I´ll be posting from there. 

domingo, 18 de Agosto de 2013

OUTFIT 27: All White Everythang

Shoes: River Island
Jumpsuit: Zara
Ear cuff: Zara
Stilettos. The perfect combination between classy and weird shoes. I have recently started collecting stilettos. Four months ago I entered an obsessive search for the perfect black stilettos. I did. Oddly enough, at Zara! From there I just started collecting. But the real strive was finding the WHITE ones.
It´s amazing how sometimes you think a piece of wardrobe is going to make your life so much better, and that turns out to be absolutely true.
Now all crazy aside, white stilettos actually look good with most outfits. With a few rules:

  • Don´t wear them with tight shorts and specially if it is an overall tight outfit.
  • It works with white outfits.
  • Its the perfect with knee length skirts, overalls, leather and denim. 
  • Its a very sexy shoe, therefore you have to balance it with large and loose outfits, jackets, pants, dresses etc.
Enjoy your summer and wear white while you´re tan. 

quarta-feira, 7 de Agosto de 2013

OUTFIT 26: 80´s Moschino

This post is obviously due to my bathing suit obsession, and this is a very special one: A Vintage MOSCHINO electric blue suit that belonged to my mother (mom´s stuff is the best), also it has that very 80´s cut, which I love. Hope you´re enjoying your summer, and remember, you can go wrong with a bathing suit, but you probably wont.

quarta-feira, 31 de Julho de 2013

OUTFIT 25: Because Its Summer

Skirt: Etro
Top: Mango
Shoes: Zara

Because it summer, and maybe you feel like wearing a skirt and show your toes.

domingo, 28 de Julho de 2013

Bathing Suiting

Bathing suits are THIS summers obcession! I´ll show you some of my favorites, vintage and new ones. Hope you´re having a great summer! Hashtag Marrocoing 
Instagram: filipamaro182